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Vector Boiler Management SystemVector Boiler Management Systems are designed to take over the control of gas, oil and LPG boilers by regulating and moderating the firing pattern according to changing demands. Energy savings of 15-25% can be expected.

This is an intelligent system. It constantly calculates load, maintains accurate temperatures by eliminating overshoot and alters the boiler input to match the load required without affecting comfort levels. It is an independent, discreet electronic unit, which is attached to the boiler.

The Vector System is not a fixed time delay system. It is a revolutionary and surprisingly low cost product manufactured in the UK to stringent quality requirements.

  • Fully guaranteed - parts and labour - for three years.
  • Can be expected to save its total cost within 12 months.
  • Features built-in monitors to evaluate savings at any time.
  • Guaranteed to reduce fuel costs - average savings of 15-25%.
  • Enhanced operation with boiler maintenance significantly reduced.
  • Can be used on all gas, oil and LPG boilers in commercial and domestic installations.
  • Fully compatible with most existing controls including computerised energy management systems.


The Vector Boiler Management System  can be fitted in conjunction with other building energy management systems; it works with all thermostat systems, internal and external as well as with compensators and optimisers.

It has been tried and tested over many years by numerous major PLCs, HMP, MOD, local authorities, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, leisure centres, social clubs, office complexes, airports, distribution centres and factories.

Energy Savings

The Vector System can be expected to save its total cost within 12 months. It will then go on to save money, reducing damaging atmospheric CO2 emissions and helping to preserve remaining fossil fuels year after year, making a significant continuing contribution towards environmental stability.

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