Langdon Square Community Centre

For the trial at Middlesbrough Council, one Vector BC113 BEM system was fitted to the Ideal Concord boiler at the Langdon Square Community Centre. This boiler provided heating and HW for the entire building.

The Monitoring involved taking readings from the Vector’s integrated elapsed time meters. One meter logs the demand hours, the other records actual/permitted burn hours.

The Boiler House gas meter was also read in conjunction with Vectors integral meters as part of the control.

The council conducted an independent analysis over a 60-day period using degree-day adjustment.

The results were as follows: Total Reduction % (KWhrs) D.Day.= 38.23%

This would achieve a payback of <15 months.

The councils own findings were expressed as follows:

Period saving £271.87
Winter saving £951.56
KWhr saved 46388
Cost saved £1,361.96
Carbon Dioxide Reduction Kg 8535

Kevin Guy of Middlesbrough Council concluded,
“We were delighted with the energy savings that the Vector unit produced and we will be recommending it to other suitable establishments under our control.”

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