Domestic Energy Savings

Reduced Heating Costs For Your Home

Unit BD111Heating bills can often become a daunting expenditure, and with fuel charges ever increasing, heating is becoming more and more expensive. However Vector can help.

With the Vector Boiler Management System, reductions of up to 30% on your heating bill can be made. Whether fitted to an existing heating system, or installed as part of a new build, Vector can help not only reduce your bills but your carbon footprint too, ensuring your heating solution is both economically and environmentally sound.

Vector Boiler Management Systems don't just have the advantage of domestic energy savings; they have many more:

With the efficiency of our systems, boiler maintenance is reduced, and as the Vector units do not require annual servicing, no extra costs are incurred. We can also assure you that utilising the Vector Boiler Management System the replacement date of your boiler can be extended by years. When it comes to fitting the system, this should only be completed by a suitably qualified heating engineer/electrician. To further build upon that confidence, we have a 3 year guarantee for parts and labour.

We have designed our system to be as non evasive as possible, meaning that all your existing controls can stay as they are, resulting in a lack of interference.

Waste reduction is an important initiative for us which is why we are proud to have designed a system that helps not only reduce waste but CO2 emissions too.

If you are interested in finding out more about domestic energy savings, please contact us today on 0845 230 8838.

Saving Energy - Saving the Earth®