Commercial Energy Savings

Reduced Heating Costs For Commercial Premises

Vector Boiler Management SystemHeating business premises can be expensive, especially with today's increasing fuel charges. Every penny spent on your commercial heating system is money that could be put to better use somewhere else in your business.

Save up to 25% on your Commercial Heating Costs

Now you can save up to a quarter of the cost of your commercial heating, with Vector Boiler Management Systems. Whether fitted to your existing heating system, or installed as part of a new build, a Vector solution will save you substantial sums of money and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Vector Boiler Management Systems deliver commercial energy savings with guaranteed reduced fuel costs of 15-25% and are compatible with all Building Management Systems.

Return on capital costs can be expected in 12 months or less and there are still more advantages:

  • Boiler maintenance is reduced
  • No annual servicing is required
  • Reduces waste and cuts CO2 emissions
  • Guaranteed parts and labour for 3 years
  • Fitted by our highly trained and experienced engineers
  • Discreet device that will not interfere with existing controls
  • Makes older boilers more efficient, extending replacement dates by years.

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